a pop-up flower market and artisanal flower design team


Photo by  Jennifer Driscoll .

The Willow and Star Flowers Story

At age seven, Allyson Wells Podell asked her parents to build her a garden. They created a small plot in their backyard where they taught her how to plant and grow flowers and vegetables. Little did they know that they were sparking the passion that would eventually become Willow and Star Flowers. Fast forward 25 years.


After nearly a decade teaching high school English, Allyson decided to leave education and pursue her love of growing and arranging flowers. Willow and Star Flowers-- named after Allyson’s parents, William and Suzanne Star-- aims to uplift and connect people through the beauty of flowers and make locally, sustainably grown flowers more easily accessible to the community.


Willow and Star Flowers offers custom arrangements for delivery, bouquet subscriptions, full service floral design for events, workshops, and a mobile flower bar. Their work is garden inspired and prioritizes the beautiful, seasonal blooms grown right here in Indiana.